PMD Microdermabrasion ReviewHow would you like to have smoother, fairer and clearer skin that is simply to die for?

Even at any age, this is very much possible with proper skin care routine and maintenance.

In fact, best microdermabrasion machine is effective and safe enough in making this happen. It is only a matter of using the right product that is easy to use, which is exactly what PMD microdermabrasion offers.

Read along this review and find out what you can expect from this product, which is designed specifically to improve the quality of your skin from the inside and out.

Overview of the PMD Personal Microderm

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What PMD personal microderm offers is simple – to give you softer, more supple and healthier skin that radiates.

It is a complete and hassle-free skin care treatment that you can use at the comfort of your own home, so you will no longer deal with blemishes and nasty imperfections on your skin.

Overview of the PMD Reviews

This way, you will feel more confident about the way you look, which you can get from having beautiful skin that simply glows.

This brand provides simple and effortless ways on how to give your complexion a more radiant quality, another simple effortless brand are New Spa.

After all, nobody wants to go through the stress in keeping their skin healthy and glowing, particularly those who have a hectic lifestyle.

With a series of easy, painless and safe treatment, you can reap outstanding results on your skin that you never thought to be possible when done at the comfort and privacy of your own home.

To make it even better, you can spare yourself from massive amounts of money since with this PMD microdermabrasion, the cost is reasonable and even minimal compared to going to the clinic for skin treatment.

Just set up this unit and start enhancing your skin’s health anytime, anywhere.

The concept behind this system is simple – by exfoliating dead skin, healthier and newer cells are revealed from the surface.

Any obstructions that prevent nutrients from getting into your skin are removed, so this facilitates cell regeneration.

Over time, your skin will appear to be healthier, more youthful looking and way better than before, all because of the rejuvenation taking place as older skin cells are eliminated.

PMD Microdermabrasion At-A-Glance

PMD Personal Microderm comes with several features that will give you smoother and more supple skin with every use of this product:

– Faciliates rejuvenation of skin through cell renewal 

– Aluminum Oxide crystals used on the patented spinning discs to exfoliate the skin

– Safe and gentle on your skin

– Removes dead skin to reveal healthier and clearer complexion

– Unclogs pores while balancing out your skin tone

– Minimizes blemishes and fine lines

– Stimulates collagen production 

– Improves elasticity of your skin

What’s In The PMD Kit?

PMD Reviews

What can you expect upon receiving this product?

PMD Personal Microderm promises to give you total satisfaction with every use of its set of products to promote healthy and glowing skin.

In fact, this brand replicates the system used by professionals in exfoliating skin to remove dead skin while allowing healthier and newer cells to buildup.

The same type of aluminum oxide crystals are used in this brand’s spinning discs, which are designed to slough away dirt, debris and dead skin gently and effectively.

This way, any scars, blemishes or signs of unhealthy skin are removed with regular use of this product.

Afterwards, a handheld tool offers powerful, yet gentle suction to completely get rid of these particles removed from your skin during the exfoliating process.

This is important in allowing nutrients to get through into the deeper areas of your skin since no more blockages are in the way.

Pores are also unclogged, and this helps reduce your chances of getting whiteheads, blackheads and pimples caused by dirt and oil stuck in your skin.

Several types of exfoliating discs are included in this package, which ensures customized level of exfoliation and intensity suitable for your needs. The exfoliating discs are also color-coded, so you can be guided accordingly on the right one to use.

PMD Reviews

The different colors include white for ultra-sensitive, grey for very sensitive, blue for sensitive and green for moderate.

There are also 2 caps with 1 small and large sizes (for face and body use, respectively), a microderm tool with power cord, plus a reusable filter.

To help you get started and learn the ropes in using PMD microdermabrasion, you can read the user’s manual and DVD included.

The idea behind this product is to give you beautiful skin by revealing a healthier layer underneath the surface constantly exposed to dirt, dust and pollutants.

As this happens, blood flow and circulation on your skin is improved, which all support optimum beauty, glow and clarity of your skin that you never knew could ever be possible.

All of these great benefits await you – and it is only a matter of using this product correctly right in your very own home.

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PMD Microdermabrasion Pros and Cons

PMD Microdermabrasion Pros and ConsPros:

Some people who have bought this product and tried it on themselves were impressed by the results it offered.

They were amazed that after a few weeks of using PMD Personal Microderm, their blemishes slowly diminished and the quality of their skin became more supple.

The tool is easy to use and offers spectacular results. It enhanced the glow and radiance of their skin, minimized fine lines and gave them a more youthful appearance.

What’s more, they were happy about the price of this product, which is less than they expected it to be after experiencing satisfying results.


On the other hand, there were a few customers who hoped some improvements could be made on this product.

Portability is one concern, and they wanted a battery-operated unit that they could use conveniently during their travels. They also hoped the discs could be used after 4 treatments, although for the results each session, this is not really a deal-breaker.

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Bottom Line

After checking the different features and benefits of the PMD Personal Microderm, it is worth concluding that this product is a great buy.

It offers remarkable results all the time, and the price tag is reasonable enough for what it can do to your skin.