Personal Microdermabrasion VS Professional

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personal versus professional

A growing number of people are discovering the astounding benefits that microdermabrasion offers. In fact, this cosmetic procedure was noted as among the top five most commonly done for skin enhancement, based on the study by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

This non-invasive and safe technique to improve the appearance of the skin has gained popularity and acceptance among numerous people over the years.

In 2011, almost half a million individuals have undergone this procedure, and it remains as among the quickest and safest means of reviving the skin’s overall appeal and quality.

As this technique continues to become more renowned throughout the world, it is not surprising to find several home microdermabrasion systems being sold in the market today.

Whether you check online or at retail stores, you will notice that these machines are widely available for home use.

However, is it worth buying these home microdermabrasion kits, or are you better off consulting a professional for treatment?

Here, we look into the pros and cons of both options, so you can decide which one is most suitable for your needs.

Why Choose Microdermabrasion?

Before we proceed to the benefits and limitations of at-home or professional microdermabrasion, let us first explore on the basics of this skin treatment.

Primarily, microdermabrasion refers to the process of exfoliating the skin to eliminate dead skin cells, which helps reveal healthier and more glowing skin underneath.

Although there may be exfoliating scrubs sold in stores, these do not suffice in getting rid of all the sun-damaged, dull and dead skin on the surface.

With microdermabrasion, you can expect not only the removal of dead skin, but also the improvement of the skin’s texture. Hence, brown spots, fine lines and other flaws are removed over time.

As a result, your skin appears younger, more radiant and healthier with regular treatment. This will also give you a renewed sense of confidence as your skin becomes better each day.

What to Expect from Personal Microdermabrasion?

personal microdermabrasion at homeSince there are now several microdermabrasion kits sold in stores, you may wonder if these are worth your investment. Today, these home kits have become alternatives to getting professional treatment at dermatologists’ clinics.

What’s more, the cost of these kits is quite reasonable, some priced at about $30. With this low price and the convenience of obtaining treatment right at the comfort of your own home, it is not surprising that many people decide to choose these products for quick enhancement of their skin.

Mainly, there are two key components of these home kits. These come with a scrub or a type of cream with exfoliating beads, as well as a massage or buffing tool for applying the cream.

It is also worth noting that the cream contains aluminum oxide crystals, which are similar to the ones found in a professional microdermabrasion system.

However, the concentration and even the ingredients of the cream for at-home kits are different from what you can get during treatment provided by a professional. Thus, the effect is not as powerful as the one offered at a derma clinic.

Improper use of these at-home machines can also lead to further problems. You may experience redness, rashes and irritation if you fail to follow the instructions on how to use each component of the machine properly.

Moreover, you may not get the results you want if you misuse the machine, which will only lead you to greater problems and expenses as your dermatologist will have to undo damages you have done to your skin.

However, there are certain at-home microdermabrasion treatment kits that have gained excellent reviews from users. These machines come with exfoliating cream and rejuvenating components that polish away dull and dead skin to allow healthier cells to regenerate and come to the surface.

Some kits also feature a diamond tip for optimum effects and safety, and this is responsible for the exfoliation of dead skin while diminishing signs of premature aging and even acne.

In addition to these machines, there are also microdermabrasion cloths that serve as other options to use for renewing the quality of your skin. These cloths, however, do not contain crystals or chemicals.

There are microfibers incorporated into these cloths, and these are responsible for exfoliating the skin and get rid of dead cells on the surface.

After use, you can just keep this cloth clean, so it is available for use the next time. Thus, you do not have to worry about spending more money each time you use this cloth.

The only downside of this microdermabrasion cloth is the technique that you need to master to get the effects you want.

Also, if you use the cloth and apply so much pressure, this can cause damages to your skin. There is also the possibility that the cloth is prone to bacteria and germs since it is not disinfected and cleaned well after every use.

What About Professional Treatment?

professional microdermabrasion treatment

If you decide not to use this machine at home, then you may opt to get professional treatment. This is the popular option among those who would rather have their dermatologist administer treatment considering the amount of experience that the professional possesses.

The main issue with this, though, is the fact that professional treatment is expensive. There is also the hassle in driving in to the clinic and back home, and you will have to put up with traffic and inconveniences along the way.

Yet, a professional offers additional procedures necessary to your condition such as laser treatment or chemical peels, depending on what is suitable to your case.

The cost of all these procedures can be rather high, so you need to prepare your budget when you head off to the dermatologist for treatment.

Bottom Line

As with any decision you may have for your skin’s improvement, you need to always consult your doctor for what works best to your needs.

Whether you decide to buy an at-home microdermabrasion or undergo professional treatment, be sure to get an advice of an experienced dermatologist to obtain maximum benefits you want.