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When it comes to attaining healthier and more vibrant-looking skin, it helps to regularly get rid of nasty debris that tend to get stuck on the skin’s surface.

Moreover, your skin becomes thicker as you age, and it can even lose its elasticity.

With this in mind, you may find it somewhat of a struggle to keep it in excellent condition unless you perform the right techniques on how to rejuvenate it.

What microdermabrasion machine does is to eliminate the layer of your skin that is no longer healthy.

Dead skin cells need to be removed, so that newer cells underneath can come to the surface and give you a glowing and radiant complexion.

In particular, diamond dermabrasion is effective in doing all of these as the material helps get rid of dead skin safely and effective, unlike what you can expect from crystals.

As a part of your weekly skin care regimen, you can reap outstanding results that will give you a more youthful appearance. 

You have probably heard of PMD, NuBrilliance and Microderm360 as among the few popular brands of best microdermabrasion machine.

But what about New Spa?

Did this brand ever occur to you during one of your searches for reliable microdermabrasion machine brand to buy? Check out this Review.

Check out New Spa microdermabrasion used by pro below and you can use it at home like a pro too, there are no limitation.

Overview of the NEW SPA Diamond Microdermabrasion Machine

new spa microdermabrasion machine kit

No one wants to deal with dull and tired-looking skin all the time.

Furthermore, with constant exposure to pollutants in the air, it is not surprising that your skin can become clogged with dirt, which makes it more prone to pimples and other types of blemishes.

What you need is to remove the top layer of your skin that is covered with debris, so the healthier layer beneath can come out.

Diamond dermabrasion helps you achieve your goal of having smoother and fairer skin.

This process involves the removal of dead skin cells and the gentle massaging of the skin as it exfoliates.

Thus, if you are looking to remove blemishes due to clogged pores or slow down the signs of aging including wrinkles, fine lines and sun spots, then diamond dermabrasion is effective in performing all of these tasks.

This product also works in giving your skin a lighter and fairer complexion.

It removes the top layer that is pigmented due to constant exposure to the sun, so a smoother and more youthful layer is revealed.

The skin also becomes more permeable due to dermabrasion, and this prepares it for better and more effective absorption of cosmetics.

Even scars that are found on the skin’s surface can be removed over time as the top layer is exfoliated with every use of this product.

Product At-A-Glance

So, what can you expect from this product? The following are among the different features of the NEW SPA diamond microdermabrasion:

– Complete and comprehensive microdermabrasion for home or professional use

– Easy to use and offers professional results

– Gives your skin a smoother and more radiant quality

– Minimizes scars and blemishes

– Offers a maximum of 16″ Hg (suction power)

– Contains 2 wands, 9 diamond tips, filters (16 and 10 mm), silicone hose, MD unit, extra O rings, facial cleaner, DMAE serum for post-treatment use, cosmetic headband and manual

What’s in the Kit?

NEW SPA Microdermabrasion Kit OverviewThis product is equipped with essential items that will help you get started with exfoliating your skin to reveal a smoother and healthier layer underneath.

Mainly, it comes with a powerful and reliable microdermabrasion unit with a quality motor that runs fairly quietly.

It offers a steady and good amount of power that is what you need to clear away any debris or dirt clogging your pores.

There are 9 diamond tips and 2 wands included in the kit, and these are of top-quality construction that will ensure you of total satisfaction.

Even after several uses, you will find these parts as durable, particularly with proper maintenance.

Additional parts are also included in this product such as the spare O-rings for replacement purposes, silicone hose, and filters.

After treatment, you can use the DMAE serum that is also added into this package, and there is a facial cleaner that helps improve the overall quality and texture of your skin.

Getting started in using this product is a breeze as it comes with an instructional manual with easy-to-understand directions.

So, even if you use this machine at home, there is no hassle in doing so because of the clear instructions stipulated in the manual on how to begin with the microdermabrasion process and obtain outstanding results.

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New Spa Diamond Microdermabrasion Pros and Cons

New Spa Microdermabrasion Pros and Cons


There were customers who purchased this product without sufficient understanding on how exactly it is used or performed.

They were impressed, however, when they received the product because of the ease of use and clear directions in the manual.

The fact that several videos online on how to get started with home microdermabrasion machine also helped a great deal.

What people loved about the machine was its powerful quality. It works effectively on lifting away dead and dull skin.

In fact, it does far more than what regular blackhead strips can do since the cleaning process is more in-depth with this product.

Excess oils, blemishes and even age spots are diminished over time.

Hence, skin becomes much smoother and younger-looking even without any makeup applied on the face.

If you have blackheads or other types of blemishes around your nose, you can use the smaller attachment designed for this area.


One small concern about this product is the fact that the tip tends to become duller after use.

Nevertheless, it still works amazingly well, although you will need to replace this part whenever necessary to achieve better results.

It is also worth noting the suction is very powerful when placed on the highest setting.

Thus, be sure to go for a lower setting to avoid any problems such as bruising.

Other than these important reminders, you will be able to get the results you want by using this product in keeping your skin clearer, softer, smoother and more vibrant than ever.

Real User Testimony

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Finally, getting lovely skin can be made possible at the comfort of your own home.

With the right product such as this NEW SPA microdermabrasion, you can be more satisfied with your skin’s overall quality and experience greater confidence over time.