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Be sure to use the right server and port settings. These settings are good for email addresses with any of these domains:,,
Sep 23, 2018 – What are the incoming (POP) and outgoing (SMTP) email server settings for email accounts?Will this change as part of the transition to.
Access your (AT&T) account via IMAP with these setup instructions.
The mail server settings below will work with all of the following AT&T domains:;;;;;
3 Choose% type% and enter the following details under ‘Server incoming mail’:. imap server: Security type: ssl. Port: 993.
ATT.NET email server settings – IMAP and SMTP. Setup your ATT.NET email account on your Android Phone, iPhone, Apple Mail, eM Client, Entourage.
‘ For username, use your email id; Use your ATT password; The server hostname should be; The server port.
Now choose Manual setup or additional server types. Select Pop or IMAP and enter the desired display name and your email address. Set the.
Here are the email settings for the outgoing AT&T Yahoo SMTP Mail Server. SMTP Server Address: SMTP Port Number (outgoing): 465.
I’ve been trying to configure the “send mail as” option for a while now, so I can send mail as my (username) account and avoid the “on behalf of” option.
You are only able to use an email client.

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