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best microdermabrasion machine

Over time, your skin will no longer have its youthful, clear and flawless quality – unless you take care of it regularly using the right technique and tool.

After all, having beautiful skin requires some work, and it is all about being aware of what needs to be done to reap amazing results.

The right tool or machine you need in order to get back youthful clear and flawless skin is at home microdermabrasion machine.

But with many microdermabrasion machine reviews on different brands, model and various suction power in the market these days, I believe this will make you feel a bit confusing.

Making the wrong decision could cost you more time & more money and you will put your valuable skin safety at risk.

Now, before you decided to spend your money, please make sure that you are buying the best microdermabrasion machine for your needs through our website.

Read along this post and discover what it is, why you should buy it, how to do it properly at home, factors to consider when buying and some options on the best machines available in the market for you.

Top 3 Best Microdermabrasion Kit Quick Comparison*

New Spa



4.2 out of 5 star

Manual Available

  • Suct Power up to 16"Hg
  • 9 Diamond Tips
  • 2 Wands
  • Portable Design
  • Pro Quality Made
Kendal HB-SF01



4.3 out of 5 star

No Manual Available

  • Suct Power up to 26"Hg
  • 9 Diamond Tips
  • 2 Wands
  • Unportable Design
  • Solid & Well Made



3.9 out of 5 star

Manual Available

  • Suct Power up to 17"Hg
  • 1 Diamond Tip
  • 1 Wand
  • Modern Portable Design
  • High Quality Made

Why You Should Buy Microdermabrasion Kit?

As you get older and become more exposed to harsh elements in the environment, your skin loses its suppleness and clarity.

In fact, you will notice that your skin tends to have a thicker and rougher texture, which makes it appear worn, tired and unattractive.

Simple cleansing and moisturizing just won't do if your goal is to remove the rough surface that is mainly composed of dead skin cells and debris.

What's more, these components will eventually cause acne when there is an infestation of pimple-causing bacteria or other factors that lead to these blemishes.

This product sloughs away dead skin cells in a gentle and effective manner. As the tool used in this technique massages every area of your skin, dead cells just fall off to reveal a smoother and more youthful skin underneath.

With regular and proper use, you can even minimize occurrences of acne, reduce wrinkles, address discoloration and age spots, and achieve a more radiant skin that you have always wanted.

How To Do It At Home?

This video will show you how to do this method at home in proper way even though you have different machine. The point is, you will learn the basic on how to do it at home.

Factors to Consider When Buying Microdermabrasion Kit

Factors to Consider When Buying Microdermabrasion

While microdermabrasion is a type of cosmetology service offered in any dermatologists' clinics, you can enjoy the convenience of getting this done at the comfort of your own home.

Nowadays, you can find home microdermabrasion kit or machines that are portable, reasonably-priced and easy to use.

Just be sure to look for the following aspects when searching for the best product worth your time and money:

​1. Determine The Suction Strength

It is worth looking for a microdermabrasion kit that comes with a powerful suction. Since the main purpose of this device is to remove dead skin efficiently, the suction capability is an important feature to look into.

After all, if suction is powerful, the device will be able to remove blackheads and dead skin easily.

On the other hand, poor suction will require you to do manual exfoliation as you massage the area where blackheads are located.

​2. User-Friendly

You want a product that does not require much of a learning curve before getting started on using it.

Easy to use microdermabrasion kit are what you need, which you can quickly use without any specialized knowledge or skill related to cosmetology or dermatology.

This means, the product should come with a user's manual that could walk you through the different steps to be followed to use the tool properly.

​3. Portable

What use is the tool when it is bulky, heavy and a pain to bring along with you?

A compact and portable machine is just what you need since this allows you to take it with you during your travels.

Also, find a product that contains every essential component you will need such as the wand, hose, filters, diamond tips and manual.

These parts should be widely accessible when there is a need to replace them in the future.

4. Look For Reputable Brand & Real Customer Reviews​

Naturally, you should go for a product that has received astounding microdermabrasion reviews from users, so you could expect the same results.

Take a look at screenshot below, it was taken from Amazon customer reviews who purchased New Spa.

real customer reviews

A renowned brand that has garnered positive ratings from customers is your best bet, and you will find it as a great investment by choosing it over its competitors in the market.

Always remember that your satisfaction is on the line here, so never settle for a cheaper and lower quality product if you will only regret it afterwards.

Review on Top-Rated

Not sure about the best brand to buy? Here are three of the best microdermabrasion machines in the market today, including the top features and benefits of each.

New Spa Diamond Microdermabrasion

New Spa

Daily use of this machine helps get rid of excess and thicker layers of the skin, that makes it appear rough and worn out. With the use of this diamond dermabrasion tool, your skin will become noticeably younger, fairer and clearer.

If you are suffering from acne scars, wrinkles, fine lines, sun spots and discoloration, these issues can also be addressed properly by this tool.

What's in this Microdermabrasion Kit?

  • 9 pieces diamond tips
  • 16 and 10 millimeter filters
  • One machine
  • 2 set of wands
  • 1 piece silicone hose
  • Replacement O rings
  • Facial cleanser (Syphate-free)
  • Manual
  • Headband
  • DMAE post-treatment serum

What Customers Say about this brand?

Product users were impressed by the effects of using this machine such as the tightening of pores, removal of blackheads, easy to use, reduction of excess oil on the skin, and the youthful skin quality.

​On the other hand, there were some feedback on the very strong suction and the dulling of the diamond tip after initial usage.

​These, however, are not deal-breakers since the dulling means the product worked in stripping the skin of its impurities.

Moreover, the strong suction helps in eliminating dead cells, and you only need to follow the instructions properly to achieve optimum results. This is one of the reason why we recommend New Spa as the best microdermabrasion machine at home.

Kendal Professional Diamond Microdermabrasion HB-SF01

Kendal HB-SF01

This diamond tools aids in smoothening and rejuvenating the skin.

Professional aestheticians use this product on their clients, and you can also rely on it to give you fairer, smoother and more beautiful skin with every use.

Since it has a diamond tip tool, this eliminates concerns with crystals microdermabrasion that tend to be ingested or cause damages on your skin. After dead cells are removed, these are sucked away with a vacuuming tool.

You can even use this product not only on your face, but also on the neck, shoulders, back and other areas that need some enhancement in the appearance and texture.

What's in the kit?

  • 1 machine
  • 2 Wands
  • 9 diamond tips
  • 360 filters
  • Manual
  • And more

What Customers Say about the Kendal?

Those who have used this product loved the excellent results on their skin after using this product.

Since it does not contain crystals, there are no risks of having these particles entering your nose, eyes or other partts of the body. The diamond tips are also easy to clean with just soap and water.

However, there were some concerns on the product during first use, since it seems to be having problems functioning well.

This can be resolved with proper use of the machine by checking the manual before getting started.

From our point of view, Kendal is the 2nd best microdermabrasion machine at home. The only reason why we put this brand 2nd best is because the design was not portable .

Zeny Pro Diamond Safe Skin Peel Personal Home Use

Zeny New Pro Diamond Tips

Microdermabrasion helps improve the quality of your skin by removing dead cells and flaws that impact its texture and overall appearance.

In particular, this product uses diamond tips that are very strong and eliminate any debris caused by crystal ones.

With just a few minutes of using this machine regularly, you can expect results you want – no more acne scars, discoloration, dull skin or fine lines that bothered you for a long time in the past.

What's in the kit?

  • 1 machine
  • 3 Wands
  • 9 diamond tips
  • 2 packs of filter
  • Manual book
  • A suction hose
  • And more

What Customers Say about Zeny?

Many people were impressed by the fact that this tool has genuine diamond tip microdermabrasion, which are sturdy and work effectively in exfoliating the skin. The suction hose also helps in eliminating debris after every session.

Unfortunately, some people say that the brochure does not offer comprehensive tips on how this product is used, which is one of the issues encountered by some customers.

The Verdict: What is the Best At Home Microdermabrasion Kit For You?

Overall, The NEW SPA still outranks the other two products in this review. This machine is equipped with every single item you need to get started, the instructional manual is very helpful for first-timers, and the product is portable and easy to use.

For its price, this product is indeed worth your investment considering the level of satisfaction you can get from it.

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